Saturday, September 18, 2010

Social Inequalities vs Social Stratification

Social Stratification is a form of Social Inequlity. Social inequality occurs when members of the society are treated unequally based on different things, power, prestige, possesions, position, appearance (4PA). Social stratification occurs whem mebers of society are classified into different groups and treated differently based on the 4PA.

What do we have in Trinidad and Tobago both, neither, or either? Why do you say so? Give examples.

Monday, September 6, 2010

An egalitrian Society is one in which all members are equal. Do you believe that such a society is achievable in Trindad and Tobago. Use your readings to support your answers and arguments.

Ruling Class and Subject Class

Marx believes that in every stratified society there are two classes - aruling calss and a subject class. The ruling class possesses all the wealth and the subject class works for the suling class.

Do you agree with this statement as it relates to Trinidad and Tobago.?