Monday, October 18, 2010

The Ever Present Poor

Jesu said that "The Poor you would have with you always". Does that mean that poverty eradication is a waste of time? Is the Poor and Poverty the same? What about Social exclusion it is a fancy name designed to cloud the real issues of poverty or is it a progressive name including the poor and more? Is povertyy and ecxuse for laziness and slothfulness? Do you agree that the dilligent willnot be poor?

Top Mix or not to Mix That Is the Question

What do you think about the migration of minority groups to new societies?
If you were forced to group people into different races what would be the basis? If you were to design a society, would you allow for integration of several races or would this be a one race society, how would you identify people of other races?If people of other races are in your society would all be equal, what would be your race policy? Spencer believes that society can benefit from the mixing of races, Do you agree? Why or why not?